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November 09, 2007


Kazi Manzur Rashid

You are wrong with the Asp.net Membership issue. It only creates the anonymous user if you explcitly turned on the anonymousIdentification in the web config. So far I did not hear any complain on Membership, though the Profile provider has lots of issue and it is recommended to write your own version so that you can map the different property in different column of the database table.

Shafqat Ahmed

Yes we had the anon identification turned on as we needed to have anon users settings. But Asp.NET membership has its own problems ... for example I remember creating an index since a certain query internally from membership was doing table scan. Also the membership default table structure for the sql provider is for creating multiple sites on the same database which creates additional index for the application. If you application has huge number of users then it that extra column and index starts to hurt. Also the data format of the profile is poorly architected and thus not very friendly to changes.

However you could be right about the fact that we may not have had properly used the anonymous idetitfication feature and have suffered the consequences.

David Ridgway

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